At Talaria Marketing Solutions we have made it our goal to help you reach new customers; through Advertising, Marketing, and Branding.

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About Our Company

Talaria Marketing Solutions took inspiration from the legendary tale of Hermes, the Greek god of messages. Tasked to deliver messages around the world he would accomplish this by the use of his winged sandals otherwise known as Talaria. Established in 2017, we bring to you the future of marketing, Talaria Marketing Solutions.  We will make it our goal to deliver your message around the world With our multiple services that we will run for you, we will position your company with the exposure it needs for success, allowing you to have the time to capitalize on that success.

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Our Services


Be discovered from Google. Our SEO (search engine optimization) team will initialize and maintain our optimization service to position your company in a higher ranking. Allowing your company to be found with ease. 


Our team of skilled graphic designers will create a unique logo and brand to help capture your target audience, business purpose, and goals.

Web Development

Need a website? We’ve got your back. Whether you need a website from scratch, or just an update, our brilliant developers can take care of that.

Social Media Marketing 

Our skilled team of Social Marketeers Will help you establish or manage your social media sites. Watch as we set your social media presence with high quality content, creative adds and an increase in followers.






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