Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing  in todays market is crucial. A good percent of the American population online have social media accounts. Social media is the most cost effective way of getting your businesses name out there. Our Social Marketeers will engineer your Social Media Pages to stand out from the rest, running creative adds that will gather page views and likes.

Step 1:Get connected to a Social Marketeer

This is the beginning of something great. We will assign one of our Social Marketeers to get in touch with you. Your Social Marketeer will learn about your company, clientele and your goals.

Step 2: The plan

A successful campaign needs a fantastic plan. Your Social Marketeer will develop creative adds personalized for your target audience. We will develop a months worth of adds and content and with your approval we will get started

Step 3: The Green-light

GO GO GO! Once we have the go ahead from you, your Social Marketeer will begin the process to run your adds and content that we established in the planning phase. We know that your successful business is always changing, So we will be on stand by 24/7 for you.

Step 4: Recap and results 

Congratulations we just finished our first month together! Now lets recap. Your Social Marketeer at the end of the month will contact you and discuss the results of your campaign. We will have easy to read informative charts for you that shows the results of your campaign on paper as well as basic information of your clientele. Once we have the information on paper we will continue to fine tune our campaign for you and draw in more customers. With our newly acquired information we will continue to fine tune your campaign for next month.

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